Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 105 - A New Six Miler, Bone Stuff and Arm Pumping

May 22, 2013          237 lbs

Today I had a one hour 6 mile-ish run assigned. By the time The Boss got done with her work and we could eat, it was almost 10:00 pm.

As soon as I got to Chandler Blvd. I discovered that my Garmin 910xt was dead. I forgot to charge it! Dagnabit! Well I knew I had some manual inputting ahead of me. Fortunately, I had the Mapmyrun app on my phone so I could get the time and distance info. I've had a slight irritation in my shin for a couple weeks now. I think it might be a very small stress fracture. I'm basing this purely on how it feels. I don't heel strike so I doubt it is shin splints. It doesn't hurt a lot, but it is constant. No insurance so I have to deal with it myself. No problem.
I ran with about the same perceived effort as I run when I'm doing my usual Zone 2 stuff. As I got to the end, I pushed to make sure I didn't slow too much. Lately, I have been experimenting with hand position as I run and have decided that maintaining a relaxed but consistent rhythm of moving my hands actually helps with my perceived effort during the run. In other words, it feels better to pump my arms, while keeping them as relaxed as possible. 

Tomorrow, I have another "brick" workout. Until tomorrow my friends.

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