Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 106 - Swimming Hard, Tennis Balls and Stress

May 23, 2013           235 lbs

I was a bit stressed today and wasn't sure that I even wanted to workout. However, I decided to swim anyways as I knew it might help my brain.

Today I had a pretty extensive swim planned. 3400 yards: 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull - 2x {6x50 with 20 sec rest, 5x50 with 15 sec rest, 4x50 with 10 sec rest, 3x50 with 5sec rest, 2x50 touch and go} - 800 pull.

Because my mind and spirit were going north and south, my breathing was all over the place at first. The main set of the workout was descending sets of 50 yards with corresponding shorter rest periods. I love these kind of workouts even if they are more challenging. By the second group of 50 sets, I had improved my breathing again. It never got really good though. The worse part is I knew what I was doing wrong but wasn't able to consistently correct my technique.

By the last 800 yards set, I was feeling better and really pulling hard. Sometimes holding my breath all the way across the pool.

Someone even left me a present in the pool!

I got home and by the time I ate, my mind was still not in a better place for training so I decided to forgo the ride and instead went to have a drink. As I wrote my coach, fortunately, I don't really enjoy drinking. Which is probably the only reason I never became an alcoholic. So why the need to go have a drink? I think I just needed a break from the routine plus some landlord stress. By the time I was paying the bill, I was thinking about how I should have rode instead. What a goofball! Until tomorrow my friends.

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