Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 107 - Swim Lessons, Uber Bike Vans and Skratch Labs

May 24, 2013          235.2 lbs

Today started with me heading to the pool to help Mr. Not So Much A Sinker with his swimming.

I had Mr. Not So Much A Sinker wear his wet suit so he could see how much buoyancy it would give him. Even though he could literally float without moving, he still could not let go of the panic his mind created. However, we did some drills that ended up helping and by the end he was doing much better. The big issue he has is laps. His fear is he is going to drown and it doesn't matter if he swims the width or the length. I found that if he keeps going without stopping it keeps his mind occupied and helps him avoid the panic. One thing I did was go to the middle of the pool and have him swim to me, where I would signal him to turn and go back. As he did each lap, I moved farther back until finally, he was swimming laps. I also showed him how to use his pull stroke to turn onto his back and to stay there until he caught his breath, then roll back over and continue swimming.

Later on, I went to Cynergy Cycles with my friend, Romeo Victor. As soon as we walked in I saw the new Specialized Turbo electric bike. Cool but too expensive for me.

While I was there I decided to check on their Skratch Labs supply. Unfortunately, they were sold out of the large bags.
Later on we saw an excellent example of a team van.

Next we went to Performance Cycles and once again, I checked on the Skratch Labs supply.

Mostly because I wanted to get some more. Recently, I decided that instead of them sponsoring me, I would sponsor them!

I mentioned it the other day that I have been feeling some pain in my right shin. Unfortunately, it has developed into a steady thing. I went out for my assigned run tonight and as soon as I warmed up, my leg was bugging me even more.

Right after I took my accountability picture, I realized that I should probably not run for a few days to see what happens. Normally when I feel like this, I would push through and end up hurt. This time I'm gonna be cautious. I hated writing to Chris Hauth, (my coach), to tell him I decided not to run. Running is my weakest area as it is so let's hope it heals quick. Tomorrow, I have a very long ride of three hours and forty-five minutes plus a fifteen minute run off the bike. If my leg is better, I may do the run. We will see. Until tomorrow my friends.

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