Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 108 - Heck No To GMO's, Work and New Tires

May 25, 2013           237 lbs

I woke this morning to a message from my coach telling me not to run for ten days. Boy, I hate to miss more running time.  Especially since my legs are feeling strong.
I started today by going to the March Against Monsanto rally. I keep this blog free of politics and religion but to me the proliferation of GMO's is a health issue and is alarming to me. Please research it for yourself and use critical thinking when it comes to people/corporations that tell you GMO's are safe.

It was a peaceful gathering with lots of passionate people. Of course there were a few people that I felt detracted from the cause but who am I to judge? Soon after getting to City Hall, I had to leave as I had a three hour and forty five minute ride to accomplish.

On the way home I discovered I had a work conflict. By the time I got it resolved, it was too late to go to Arcadia for the ride so I opted to run some errands and get dinner with The Boss.
I was looking forward to riding today as I planned to explore a route that's new to me beyond the Santa Fe Dam.
One errand I finished was to get a new rear wheel for my bike. Apparently, indoor trainers can be rough on the rear wheel. Kurt Kinetic sent me a special tire to use with the trainer. I have been looking for a wheel and inner tube to go with it for a reasonable price. I ended up going to H&S Bicycles in Burbank right before they closed. Sorry guys!

The staff were helpful without being condescending which was some feat considering they were under a bit of stress. I have been to a couple of bike shops were you walk in and they look at you like, "What the heck are you doing here?" The H&S team put my original cassette of gears on the wheel with a new inner tube and the special tire.

All I have to do is set up the Rock and Roll trainer and I'm ready to do a little spinning! Total cost $67.00. Now whenever I want to use the indoor trainer, I just switch out the rear wheel and I'm ready to go!

I read recently that when you exercise intensely on a regular basis, when you stop, you can experience withdrawal like symptoms.  .  .great! I thought I was through with all this withdrawal business.
Though I was careful with walking around today, my leg was hurting more than I would like to admit. Another weird symptom I'm having is my right big toe feels stiff and inflexible.

Well, have to get up early and help a couple swimmers. Until tomorrow my friends.

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