Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 109 - Pool Deja Vu and the Multi Blog Machine

May 26, 2013          236 lbs

I was at the pool twice today. The first time at 7:00 am to help Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore. And the second time at 7:00 p.m. for my assigned workout.
Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore was doing more wetsuit swimming today. I pushed pretty hard and didn't like it but I wanted to see how he would react. I was hoping he would channel his frustration into a desire to "show me" and work through his fear. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work and I regretted it. I should have known that certain types of challenge just don't work. Lesson learned. I'm convinced that we are at a tipping point in his swim evolution as there is only one piece of the puzzle left. But as another friend pointed out, I am not a coach, so I probably shouldn't be doing what I'm doing.

I thought about it all day and mentioned it to The Boss who offhandedly suggested maybe a hypnotherapist might help.

Son of a gun!

Yes.  .  .yes it might. You see Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore has all the skills to swim his Ironman. The only thing he has difficulty with is panicking that he cant breath when he actually can. Of course, this is a major thing. So I sent off a text suggesting the idea of hypnotherapy, (giving The Boss credit of course.) He seemed interested in the possibility, so we will see what happens.

I spent the afternoon writing a weekly blog post for the California Triathlon website. Something I started doing a couple weeks ago. So in case you don't get enough of me and the daily blog, you can head over to the California Triathlon blog page on Sundays or Mondays and give that a read to. It is kind of a summary of the week.

Today's workout was a 3200 yard swim. Choice of 500 warm up - 3x300 with 1 minutes rest - 4x200 with 40 sec rest - 5x100 with 20 sec rest - 6x100 with 10 sec rest.

Due to my injured shin bone and a sneaky suspicion that my coach actually reads my blog occasionally, instead of a rest day tomorrow, I have a two and a half hour ride scheduled. I am very happy. Until tomorrow my friends.

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