Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 110 - Riding Into Mountains and On Top Of Dams

May 27, 2013           234 lbs

Today I had a two and a half hour ride scheduled. Normally, this is my day off but I believe my coach saw I missed my long ride on Saturday and scheduled to compensate.

I started at the same Rio Hondo trail head at the Arcadia Golf Course as I usually do. But this time because I was doing a shorter ride, I decided to take a completely different route.

I headed north or the short route to the Santa Fe Dam. I wanted to explore what lay beyond the dam and see how far into the mountains I could ride.

My workout was a Zone 2 ride with thirty minutes in the middle at the higher Zone 3 pace.

I really enjoyed riding into the mountains. I could tell I was riding slightly up hill but it didn't feel too difficult. The scenery stuck out to me and I connected with it.

I found this mountain community that was only connected to the rest of the world through two bridges. I wondered how they would survive if both bridges were down.

The weather was beautiful and once again I was thankful to be outside breathing clean air and being able to work my heart, lungs and legs.

I often wonder how much damage all the years of smoking did to my lungs. There were times before I started all this Zone 2 stuff when I felt like I might not ever be able to exercise without losing and struggling to recover my breath.
Now I feel like I can go much farther than I ever imagined I could just three months ago.

I had several people pass me and even though I was tempted to pace them, I stayed in my zone. Even when I got passed by a couple ladies who looked at me as if to say, "Hey guy, why so slow?" 
I definitely will return to this trail.

At one point, I was riding parallel to the 210 freeway.

 When it was all done, I was happy and hungry, so I packed up the bike and headed back to Burbank.

Final distance 31.33 miles. Calories burned 1,489. Until tomorrow my friends.

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