Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 111 - Monster University, Star Trek Into Darkness and a Brick with Kurt Kinetic.

May 28, 2013            233.6 lbs

Notice anything unusual?

Started off the day by going to see Star Trek Into Darkness with The Boss. I worked on the film and wanted to see if anything I did survived the cut. Sadly, it did not! Oh well. They left me out of the credits anyways. Good film though!

Today I had a brick workout of a short swim session and a new biking experience for me. 

I arrived at the pool in time fore the sun to go down. It was unusually windy out with what are called "Santa Ana" winds here in California. Meaning a warm wind. Good for me because nobody was in the pool. 

The swim itself was a short workout compared to the 3400 yard or 1.7 miles I've had lately. Only 2400 yards!

Here is the workout: 2400 yards= 3x800 stretch out swim: 1x every 4th length drill 1x steady swim 1x pull. 

I made a little discovery during this swim. When I turn my body on the pull stroke to breath and my mouth clears the water, if I keep my eyes shut instead of actually looking at the side of the pool, I can breath even better. Or I should say, I can take in a better quality breath. Gotta remember to pass that one on to Mr. Doesn't Sink Anymore.

A good swim. As usual trying to put it all together, hand in the mail slot, high elbow catch, pull with the lats, turn the entire body to breath, keep your head down, kick with relaxed ankles and not from the knees. All that stuff.

After the swim, I headed home, and had some Skratch Labs Hydration Mix then headed into the garage to assemble my Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll indoor trainer. (Yes, it took me this long to put it together!)

It even came with a Spinervals DVD.

Fortunately, it was very easy to assemble and within a half an hour, I had it up and ready to ride.

My workout for the ride was as follows. One hour, include 6x90 sec FAST high cadence - aggressive spin sections. This was my first indoor trainer workout and wow! I sweated more during this workout than I have during any previous ride.

I have to admit that by the end, I was completely knackered and happy to be finished. I had completely soaked through my clothes. But what a great workout. Thank you Kurt Kinetic for the help and the kit!

How do you like my swimmers hair? That is a side effect of swimming a lot. You towel off and forget about your hair!

After the workout, I made myself a big bowl of "ice cream." I say it in quotes because, it is literally frozen mongos and frozen strawberries blended up in my Vitamix blender. No diary and so very good. Despite what we have been told all our lives, diary is not good for us. As a matter of fact either is processed food of any kind. Keep it simple and organic and you will see huge benefits in your health.
It poured out into the shape of a flower!
Until tomorrow my friends.

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