Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 113 - A Big Swim, Controlled Sinking and Elderly Respect

May 30, 2013        234.2 lbs
 Today I had a doozy of a swim workout!

3500 yards = 200 swim - 200 kick - 200 pull
10x100 - 10 sec rest - every 5th one easy
10x75 - 10 sec rest - pulling, breathing 3,5,7 by 25
10x50 kick - 10 sec rest
10x25 - 10 sec rest - fast, NO FREEstyle
400 swim long and steady

I read a good article about exhaling properly and how we rarely exhale enough to really get a deep full breath when doing freestyle. The article suggested you go to the deep end and practice sinking by sculling and then exhaling until touching the bottom. Repeat a few times to become comfortable exhaling and relaxing in the water.

So I headed to the deep end and spent a few minutes sinking. I didn't like the feeling of being on the bottom without any air at first so I keep doing it until I wasn't so "desperate" feeling.

After I finished this unusual warm up, I did a quick lap and sure enough, I felt a difference. I just needed to work on the timing.

 First up were the 200 warm up sets where I get to use the pool toys.

The fins are the TYR Burner EBP Fins. I got them after I read on the U.S. Masters Swimming site that they were the top rated to help develop your kick.

Next, I began swimming the big sets. I spent a good portion focusing on a deep exhalation and a powerful inhale. On top of everything else you have to remember it can be daunting sometimes.

But when everything is clicking and it all works, then you can really feel that pocket of air. During the No Freestyle 25 sets I decided to do the breast stroke as it is the only stroke I know other than freestyle that I can do with any speed. And I'm still extremely slow!

An older man who swam a few laps earlier walked up to me as I rested in the deep end at one point and asked me how long I swim for. I told him an hour to hour and a half. He shook his head and smiled then walked off.
About half way through the sets I felt pretty tired and wondered for a second if I could finish as my shoulders, chest and back were fatigued. I had to mentally dig in and start aggressively swimming again.

By the time of the last set I was recovered and swimming smooth and with a good rhythm. The last 400 yards flew by. The only hitch was a couple young guys got in and were hanging out suspiciously near Pee Pee Cove. I think the water remained clear.

I finished up and rinsed off in the shower and headed back outside to catch a few rays before the some dropped.

I reflected on the fact that I was able to train hard and looked forward to running again. I was happy to be in the sunshine and feeling at peace after a tough workout. Taking a minute to enjoy breathing and being alive and healthy. Sometimes I can't believe the difference in my life from even a year ago. I want everyone who may feel trapped in a situation, weather it be their life circumstances or health related to feel empowered the way I do.

For a while now I have wondered what it would take to finish in the top ten of my age group at Ironman Arizona. More importantly, if it is possible for me to do it at age 45. Until tomorrow my friends.

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