Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 85 - Detox Results and Another Progress Shot!

May 2, 2013        237.2 lbs

I know I normally post my blog at the end of the day but here you go anyways. 

Slept later today waking up at 10:30 am. Strangely feel like I wasted half the day! Feel good

Here is a before and after taken on the morning of the first day of the detox/fast/reset on the left and on the morning of the fourth day, (today).  I lost six pounds. For me, that is a lot.

Now full disclosure: The image on the right was Photoshopped. The picture was darker than the "Before" image. I don't believe in using dramatic lighting to enhance results. I see everyone in the weight loss industry do it and frankly, don't agree personally. Your results are your results.
So how did I Photoshop it? I adjusted the exposure on the After image to match the Before image. If anything, it's probably a bit too light but so what?

I'm happy to finally lose some weight and I feel incredible. So I'm going to continue eating raw for the rest of the week and see what happens. My worst symptom so far has been a very mild headache that occurred today. I think it's due to not eating first thing this morning.

I plan to go to one of my favorite local restaurants tonight called Sun Cafe when The Boss gets home. It's a mostly raw and vegan place. The food is really good. I might even run for half an hour depending on time. Until tomorrow my friends.

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