Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 90 - Ninety Days, Bloated Clouds, Cool Video and NeoSport

May 7, 2013       236.4 lbs.

Back in the water!

First official day back and it started great. First, let me point out that I'm still losing weight eating raw. Ninety days, what an adventure.
Okay, so today was a brick workout. 3000 yard swim and one hour ride with Zone 3 heart rate the last 20 minutes. I did the swim but didn't do the bike, I'll explain later. The clouds were swollen and bloated, (Like me!), when I arrived at the pool.

 Cleaning up the pool!

The swim workout: 200 warm up, 200 kick, 200 pull. Then - 16x150 with 35-40 sec. rest - super steady.

Well I can tell you my breathing was on point today. All the work I've been doing with my friends has benefited me as well. It is extremely liberating feeling like you can breath whenever you want to versus the normal, "Maybe- if all the planets are aligned I can get a little air" feeling. It's funny, if you do what they say, it works. Still working on my exhale in the water. I find it's best for me when I exhale about 3/4's of my capacity with relaxed lips. Details.
I also used my first swim workout watch the Garmin Swim for this workout as my Forerunner 910xt's battery was completely drained with no time to recharge. I like the Garmin Swim but I have to admit, I was lucky to get it to record my splits as I fumbled with the buttons. One thing I like a lot is the fact the the smallest pool size you can set in the watch is 18 yards. My pool is 18.7 yards. My Forerunner 910xt has a smallest pool size limited to 22 yards, something I wish they would adjust.

Felt great in the water. About half way through the workout, I realized I wasn't using my lats enough during the pull as my shoulders where beginning to speak to me. As the mighty Chris Hauth would say, "Your doing it wrong!" So I made adjustments. Still tweaking the "High elbow catch" and latpull synchronization, but I'll get it.

It's a bubble!

I'm obsessed with the water now. Both my desktop background and my screen saver are ocean and pool themed. The image below is my current desktop background image. If you want to use it you can.
Here is a video I made today of what I see when I swim a lap. Literally! If you are reading this blog on your iPhone, you won't be able to see the video. I encourage you to check it out at my YouTube channel: Road2IRON on your computer.

The entire time I was at the pool, the sky threatened to open up. Fortunately, it never did.

Okay so why didn't I bike? After I visited my friend Kevin Tran at his restaurant and ate and ran some errands, I was tired. I have been adjusting to a daytime schedule and knew that if I rode, I would be up later than normal and I didn't want to change that. Ironically, I'm up later than I have been for the last week on this post! Oh well. I have to admit that, thinking of riding today had me thinking of the crash and was a bit intimidating for me. I better deal with it fast.

I was thinking I might need to up my calories a bit more after today as I feel like I am a bit under for the work load.

Another quick "Shout Out" to Neosport Wetsuits for taking care of my return in record time. After my original suit was returned/replaced, I noticed that several of the seams were separating on the replacement suit. I boxed it up with a brief description of the issue a sent it off to NeoSport HQ in New Jersey. They sent me a brand spanking new suit. Thanks NeoSport!

Until tomorrow my friends.

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