Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 91 - Running in Daylight, Drifting Heart Rate and the Worlds Best Indoor Trainer

May 8, 2013          237 lbs

Today was my first day running after the detox/cleanse/reboot. My scheduled workout was a 55 minute easy run. Right away, my heart rate went to 150 bpm. Normally, I have to work harder. After a few minutes I noticed my "Heart Rate Too High" alert going off and saw that I was comfortably moving at 163 bpm. It was like that the entire run. Like a high performance engine that had trouble idling in low gear. I had difficulty staying in Zone 2. My Z2 is 140-150 bpm by the way. I had to even walk during the last fifteen minutes or so in order to keep my heart rate lower.

That's what those jagged peaks are on the right.

Despite my heart rate wanting to be higher, I felt absolutely great. Feet love the new Merrell Bare Access shoes. Love them! Finished up and went and got some socks at Targét. I enjoy the fact that I was able to run errands after my workout!

Late last night, I pulled the trigger on a decision I've been thinking about carefully. Namely, which indoor trainer to get from my sponsor Kurt Kinetic! After reading several reviews, I went with Rock and Roll model because of it's comfort and the fact it simulates that natural side to side sway that occurs when you ride. No other trainer does it.

I have had a few days where I only had an hour to ride but no time to travel to my riding spot. Why don't I just ride outside my door? Because I live on a pretty steep hill. I could never maintain my zone 2 heart rate.Why the big decision? Because the Rock and Roll is a little bigger and takes up slightly more real estate than the Road Machine more standard size indoor trainer.

Well guys, I'd like to close by giving a shout out to my wife and Sugar-Momma, The Boss! Thanks Boss! Until tomorrow my friends.

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