Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 92 - Breathing, The Pee Pee Dance and a Grumpy Ride

May 9, 2013        235.6 lbs

All and all it's just a-nother "brick" in the wall.  .  .Yes, today's workout was a brick. 3000 yard swim and one hour easy run.
The swim workout was as follows: 400 wup, 800 every 3rd 50 drill, 600 pulling, 400 swim, 400 every 3rd 50 NON freestyle, 200 kick, 200 swim.

Right from the beginning, my breathing was dead on. Something happened in my brain while I was detoxing last week. It all just kind of clicked about the breathing thing. Understand, that it wasn't that I was doing it wrong before. It just didn't feel right. Now it does. The rest of the swim went great. I can't wait to swim at the Hansen Dam Swim Lake when it opens at the end of May. It's so big, they don't even call it a pool! 150 meters long! Now that's a great way to train.

On Facebook earlier in the day, the topic of peeing in the pool came up. Let me be very clear, I do not contribute to the soup!

This is something that anyone that swims with me knows because my old man bladder/prostate requires I leave the pool on a regular basis to use the bathroom.

So after my swim I headed home and had some zucchini pasta a la checca. Changed into my new Kurt Kinetic cycle kit, (outfit.) I'm still losing weight so it will be interesting to see how all my cycling stuff fits in a month or so.

I packed up Ol' Blue and headed for Chandler Blvd for my hour ride.

Kind of grumpy on the ride today, don't know why. People doing dumb stuff irritating me like walking in the bike lane or not paying attention to their dog as I rode by. Had to remind myself to relax and focus on my technique. Trying to use my glutes more so my quads are fresher for the run. Until tomorrow my friends.

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