Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 97 - A Fat Neck, Food Poisoning and Lessons From a Nine Year Old.

May 14, 2013         235.0 lbs

So today I had another "brick" workout. 3400 yard swim and a one hour bike with 8x1 minute uphill fast cadence.

Woke up feeling off and quickly realized why. Somehow, I picked up some food poisoning. I spent most of the day in the restroom. I did the swim anyways because:

A.) I figured it would be a good test of my "suffer" to see if I could swim through the cramping tummy.


B.) I didn't want my coach to think I'm anymore of a wuss than he already does!

So I got to the pool and it was crowded, but for some reason everyone left all the sudden. I watched to see if they were snickering, a sure sign of pool pee-age, but saw none.  I did the workout: 3400 yards- 800 warm up with 200 kick, 200 pull built in - 800 every 3rd length head up drill - 3x600 200 kick/pull/swim build 600s 1-3.

Breathing was a little off today but not bad. I wasn't exhaling correctly and struggled to get it right.

And what the heck is up with my NECK! I swear if it refuses to cooperate and stays fat even after I lose the weight, I'm getting the Lifestyle Lift! YOU HEAR ME NECK?! I'M TALKING TO YOU MISTER MAKES ME LOOK FATTER THAN I AM IN THE POOL PICTURE!

Ahem.   .   .sorry.

Right at the end of the swim a little Korean boy got in the pool and took off from one end to the other. I couldn't help but make a couple suggestions to help his breathing during his freestyle. That's right, nine years old and doing freestyle. He nailed it in no time and was zipping back and forth, fearlessly. His father was elated. Seeing it, reminded me that fear is something we learn and perhaps there was some lesson there I could apply to "Mr. Sinker."

After the swim, my gut was feeling worse and frankly, I wasn't too sure I could control things if I went for the ride. So I decided to stay at home and hydrate instead. Remember, every time you have diarrhea, you almost always get dehydrated. Drink lots of clear non carbonated liquids with filtered water being the best and if you have some Skratch Labs Hydration Mix, even better. I seriously love this stuff! Note, the geniuses over there have two versions, an "Everyday" version for situations like this and the "Exercise" version. 

One last thing, this is something I think should be in every swimmers bag. A baby ear syringe.

Takes care of any water in the ears in no time! Well my head is killing me and my gut is still upset so I'm calling it a night. Until tomorrow my friends.

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