Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 99 - A Big Swim, Tacos and Bright Lights.

May 16, 2013     235.8 lbs

Brick, bricks everywhere! Today I had another big swim of 3500 yards and an easy hour bike.

The swim consisted of 3500 yards - 300 swim warm up, 200 catch up, 100 swim.  9x50 slow/med/fast with 10 sec rest.  9x100 steady pace with 10 sec. rest.  9x50 fins REALLY fast with 15 sec. rest. 9x100 breathing every 3, 4, 5 by 100 - 3x through. 200 warm down.

Started off with my breathing off. Usually, the biggest culprit is my exhale strangely enough. Couldn't seem to get comfortable with the timing. Trying to exhale consistently while my face is in the water. Even finding the pocket was off. Found myself craning my neck farther than needed on both sides. I enjoyed the workout though. Felt really good to unleash with the fast drills. Right at the beginning of the "fins" drill I got a double barreled cramp in each calf. This continued off and on for the rest of the workout.

At the end of the workout, little Jacob showed up with his dad again. He spotted me from across the pool and waved from his tippy toes! He jumped in the water and took off like a shot, buzzing back and forth. Any corrections, he would adapt immediately. I told him about "Mr. Sinker" and mentioned that he was just learning to swim at 40. Jacob goes, "Wow! How old are you?" I told him 43 and he responded with, "Wow! Your older than my dad!" Great. I noticed he was doing a little freakout if he reached for the edge of the pool and couldn't grab it. So I taught him first how to float using only his breathing to stay up and then how to recover if he was swimming and got tired and needed a rest.

After the swim I headed home for some dinner. The Boss had made 100% plant based and raw tacos!

They were incredible. I love me some tacos! Even the "tortilla" was raw. It's a mixture of organic non gmo corn, flax seed and others things pressed out and dehydrated never higher than 118℉ so non of the living nutrients get cooked to death. I've maintained my raw eating during the day and after dinner and only eating cooked food for dinner. Everything is plant based. So far no problems with my energy and I'm still not getting sore after workouts, so something is going right.

After dinner I headed to Chandler Blvd to ride. This was actually the first time I was riding after full dark, so I was able to test the new Serfas Thunderbolt lights.

These lights are no joke. I rode with them on the first, full strength blinking setting. I could tell passing people on the path that they were irritated by how bright the headlight was. I switched it to the the second, lower intensity blink setting for the rest of the ride on the path. But when I rode on the street, it went back to full blink.

I even had the idea to use the headlight to help with my accountability photos.

Better than the normal, grainy images I normally get. I'm sold, I love that they are rechargeable as well. I think they are worth their price, especially if they keep you safer.

During the ride I went back to the alley I had my recent crash in. I needed to do it for some reason. It was actually a little less foreboding in person.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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