Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 114 - A Day At The Beach and The Big Gear Spin Up

May 31, 2013            ??? lbs

I decided to go to work with The Boss today as she was headed to Newport Beach for a few hours. I've had an urge for some time to see the ocean. Due to getting up very early for me, (normal time for everyone else!) I didn't have time to weigh myself as we were heading out the door asap.

I drove her to the location and dropped her off then headed to the beach. A little overcast when I got there.
I walked straight out to the jetty and then into the surf and just stood there feeling the sand withdraw from under my feet as the surf withdrew.
To me, the ocean feels like it is a living. breathing entity.

I sat and watched a volleyball game for a bit. It dawned on me that I could now play very easily where just a year ago, I would have been intimidated.

Here is how to deal with rip currents.
I found this rock down the beach and couldn't help but think of the film Planet of the Apes.

Tide pools! I was sitting on a wall when a lady asked a group of lifeguards talking near me "Where are the ride pools?" For whatever reason, I got excited and perked up saying "Tide pool!!!" Then ran off down the beach.
It was a very nice little mini adventure in Corona Del Mar, CA for the day. Soon it was time to pick up The Boss and we headed out to eat. On the way, I say this and thought of my friend Louis Yacoubi Grayr.
But alas, too soon I think for him. Still looking for a goof 5k for him and I and Kevin Tran to do.

The Boss and I ate at a place called The Bodhi Tree Cafe in Huntington Beach. The food was excellent.

I doubt many would believe this is a completely plant based meal of Blackened Pepper Steak. You can see the fresh coconut in the to left. I'm one of the many people that are causing a coconut shortage in the world.

Today my workout consisted of a one hour bike ride with four "big gear spin ups." This is where ou switch to the biggest gear in front and the smallest gear in the back and steadily increase your cadence over the course of five minutes with the last twenty seconds going all out. Then a long recovery of at least two to three minutes.

I did it on the Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll indoor trainer. Getting it all set up properly today so the resistance was most accurate. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to stop altogether after the spin ups and rest or do active recovery. So I choose active recovery, very lightly pedaling in Zone 2.

I sweat like an M&M at a Chocolates Anonymous convention, but boy does it feel good! In the end, I think I did pretty good with the spin up drills.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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