Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 115 - The Three Obese Amigos, Horseys and Comfort Zones

June 1, 2013       236.5 lbs

Today I woke up to find out I had done yesterdays workout incorrectly. I rode my indoor trainer and told Chris so. He sent me a note saying the Big Gear Spin Up workout was not meant for indoors. I can't seem to do anything right.

My workout for today was a three hour Z2 ride with nothing sustained over Zone 2.

I headed to Arcadia to the trail head at the Arcadia Golf Club parking lot. While I got my bike together and other things organized, I noticed three older morbidly obese men setting up their bikes nearby. Just hearing their conversation about their difficulty loosing weight and recent bike accessories purchases then seeing them take off together made me very happy.

I caught myself staring as they headed out along the trail feeling a little sorry I wasn't riding with them.

Instead I went the other way, reflecting on the fact that training for triathlon is a mostly solitary endeavor for me. Something I say often to myself is, "You train alone. You race alone."
It's not meant to be negative, only a reminder to focus on what I need to do to improve.

I really enjoy riding this alternate route to the Santa Fe Dam. I very much enjoy riding into the mountains. The elevation is surprising more than it feels like it is.

Eventually, I arrived at the end of the rode.   .   . or at least the end of the San Gabriel River Trail! Ha!

I kind of wanted to keep going into the hills but was hesitant.

The best part of this route is the return trip. It's all down hill. While riding lately, I have noticed how much more work it takes for me to even get to Zone 2. At first, I wasn't sure how to interpret this. Then it dawned on me that it is an excellent example of adaption. My heart is getting stronger and as a result, can work more without raising the beats per minute.

Look what I passed on the way back. Horseys!

As I'm riding out there or swimming or running and it gets uncomfortable, I'm reminded that whatever discomfort I may feel is necessary in order to get better. During yesterdays Big Gear Spin Up workout, I was hurting during the last fast cadence set just before the twenty second sprint. I remembered my coach telling me that this is "the suffer" part. The part outside your comfort zone where all the real living/progress happens. 

I got back just as the sun set and felt great but hungry. Can't wait to ride this route again. Until tomorrow my friends.

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