Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 116 - Big Pools, Sunburn and Poopy Signs

June 2, 2013      236.4 lbs

Today, I had a short 2100 yard swim and that was all. Normally, I have a brick but it would include a run and my leg is still goofy. I realized that I am heal striking when I walk around in my sandals.
Romeo Victor and I headed to Hansen Dam for the beginning of the pool season.

The pool is so big, it is called a "swim lake." 150 meters long. My scheduled workout was:

Warm up continuous: 200 warm up into 200 FAST into 150 long aerobic into 200 FAST into 100 long aerobic into 200 FAST.  THEN 8x100 steady with only 5 sec. rest n between - 200 warm down.

I have to admit, it took a little getting used to swimming 140 yards straight without stopping. The first lap I did, my breathing was all off. I should have warmed up a little first. A good lesson for race day. By the end, I was exhaling relaxed and my pull was good. The only thing I had to watch out for was holding my breath underwater at the end of the length. Overall, a very good workout.

Got a little more sun than I was supposed to but oh well, it adds a healthy glow to the cheeks! Until tomorrow my friends.

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