Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 118 - Pushing Harder To Get To Easy and Running for Minutes

June 4, 2013       235.2 lbs

Today was my first bike and run brick workout since I injured my leg over a week ago. The specifics were a one hour easy ride with the last fifteen to twenty minutes at a Zone 3 tempo. Then immediately run for fifteen minutes.

I headed over to Chandler Blvd. with a little apprehension about weather my leg was ready for action or not. I decided I wanted to try and see anyways.  The ride itself was very easy except for the fact that I have to push much harder to even get to my Z2 heart rate. Soon I will need to ride the hilly neighborhood next to my house just to get enough work for the ole' ticker.

While I rode, I passed the Walt E. Disney Elementary School! I had no idea such a thing existed. Even cooler was that they had a free lunch program each Tuesday for children in need.

I finished up the ride and went into transition 2 mode. That is the transition in a triathlon where you go from biking to running. Transition 1 is between the swim and bike. As I packed up my bike and changed shoes,  I kept pushing to go quicker.
Soon I was changed and steadily moving down the path.

I took this photo while I ran. No idea why my mouth is open so much.
Fifteen minutes of running goes by very quickly and soon I was at the end of the trail which ironically is also the beginning. I could feel my leg injury except, I did not feel pain. Almost like a reminder it was there.

Tomorrow I have an hour run. That will be the real test of my leg. Until tomorrow my friends.

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