Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 119 - Running Fast, Wildlife Encounter and Thunderbolts!

June 5, 2013    235.4 lbs

Today I had a one hour run with 6 x 2 min Fast pace ups. I decided to run near my house along the main boulevard.
I started with a five minute walking warm up and even though I considered programming some walking rest intervals, I ultimately decided to just go for it. As soon as I started I felt really good. I could feel my shin a little bit, but it wasn't an issue. I was able to run to the local high school and was attempting to go a couple laps around the track but security stopped me because the track was closing for the night. I was surprised that I made it that far. Right about then, I reached the turn around and had to head back. The three, two minute fast running I did on the way out wasn't too difficult but the intervals heading back were a test of my fortitude to "embrace the suffer."
As I passed the local university I heard the sound of an animal and turned to see a pair of deer on the other side of the fence running parallel with me! Incredible. I stopped to get a picture and the deer stopped with me.

At the end I was still feeling good and frankly, felt I could have run up the big hill in my neighborhood. Sometimes when I run up the stairs in my house, I think, "Who's legs are these?" because they feel so powerful at times.
I got home and found The Boss had made some excellent vegetable and quinoa ramen noodle soup. Filling and low in calories.

I have been struggling with breaking through the 230 lb threshold. It is a psychological issue I believe. It almost seems as if my subconscious doesn't want me to let go of the weight, because I won't be the same person anymore. As a result, I'm craving food that I don't really need to be eating, like pizza. Now understand, I'm not against eating things in moderation, but the only weight loss eating that works for me doesn't involve too many grains. I have caught myself trying to eat out of boredom as well. Something I have to watch closely as that is how I gained a bunch of weight in the first place. So far I've done well but I can feel my resolve being tested. Have to re-focus and remember how awesome it feels to be thinner.

Product Test Update: The Serfas Thunderbolt lights lasted about three plus night rides. So I have to remind myself to recharge so they don't quit in the middle like last night. I very much encourage people to wear helmets and use good lights for visibility. I have noticed with the lights going, cars avoid me like crazy, but as soon as they went out yesterday, I was almost hit again.

This reminds me, I need to get some highly reflective tape and put it on the back of my helmet. There is nothing that prevents you from adding even more stuff to make you stand out. Maybe I will do an instructional step by step. Hmmmmmm.  .  .

Until tomorrow my friends.

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