Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 120 - Skratch Labs, Dam Disco and Running Up the Down Trail.

June 6, 2013    235.4 lbs

Another brick day. I had a one hour spin and a forty-five minute run with the last fifteen minutes in Zone 3.

I had my morning smoothie and headed out to Santa Fe Dam packing a couple of The Boss' raw Energy Bars and some Skratch Labs Hydration Mix in my water bottles. I know I talk about the v product a lot but it is because I really like it.

Now that the warm weather is here, it is a very good idea to watch your hydration. That means drinking enough water that your pee is a very pale yellow/ clear. Also if it is very hot out, you don't want to wait until your thirsty to drink. By then you are already getting dehydrated. Preemptive drinking! Of water that is.
Another very important consideration is electrolytes. The reason I like Skratch Labs Hydration Mix is it has plenty of electrolytes, is made from pure ingredients, taste great and doesn't upset my stomach like other "sports" drinks used to. Also, since using it, I haven't had nearly as much cramping as I used to get during my kick drills. And, they have a sick set of cycling kit. Want it!

 Copyright Skratch Labs 2013
Go get some and tell them I sent you. Why? Why not? I don't get anything from them at this point. It is a reverse sponsorship, I'm sponsoring them! I love what they stand for, pure and healthy ingredients, etc.

Kind of a tricky time to go to the Dam as there was a lot of vehicles on the road and a couple decided to see how close they could get to me! One got so close that if I could have caught up, I was going to help myself to their side mirror.

Fast ride none the less, as soon as I got to the end of the dam, it was time to head back. I have to admit that I was on pins and needles for a good segment of that ride as eighteen wheelers zoomed by only a couple feet away.

I survived the return trip and packed up the bike. As I drove past Shanghai Gardens, I stopped in the parking lot. I really wanted to get some tofu and steamed vegetables with rice. I sat there for a good ten minutes fighting the impulse to just get some food. Ultimately, I left without getting anything as I have been thinking about how hard I have to work to loose a single pound and even worse how disappointed The Boss is when I don't lose weight. She's allowed to be disappointed as she works  hard to help me and is very much my cheerleader and critical Asian taskmaster. (She's Japanese.)
Most recently, I have been going nuts at about 3:00am. I'm usually up doing the blog. It could be a sign of not eating enough during the day time or another symptom of the OCD that is addiction. Either way, it is a strong test of my resolve. Sometimes I don't win, most times I do. Drinking lots of water and grazing on low fat healthy snacks during the day helps. Stuff like The Boss's "Cheezy" Kale chips and vegetables as well as green smoothies drank very slowly to constantly stimulate my metabolism.

I got home and ate a quick snack then headed out for the run. Forty-five minutes.

 I swear that is not the same shirt I wore yesterday.

I choose the path less traveled this evening and ran the other way. As I trotted along, I crested some small rolling hills and thought, "Boy I can't wait to run hills with no problem." When I run or bike, I use the Interval Run app on my iPhone to tell me the halfway point or when it's time to pace up. I somehow hit a button I wasn't supposed to and cancelled the workout. I discovered it about fourteen minutes into the run. So I did the math in my head and created a new "workout" with the remaining pace up portion included. The first problem with that is, I did the math in my head. The second problem with that is, see the first.

So I ran and at the last fifteen minute mark, I paced up to my Zone 3 threshold for the remainder. Then two things happened. First, I got lost and was running halfway up a very steep hill when I realized, I WAS RUNNING UP A VERY STEEP HILL!!! But, I bonked and had to turn around, plus I was heading in the wrong direction. I was heading up or north.  .  .  Sorry, it's a line from City Slickers.
The second thing that happened is the run ended all the sudden and I was a little ways from the start. (See? Questionable math skills.) So I had to walk back from about the halfway point. My shin was bothering me by then, but it doesn't hurt too bad as I write this. One weird thing that has happened recently, is the big toe on my right foot is less flexible bending back since my shin issue started.

Well it was an eventful and fun double workout. Until tomorrow my friends.

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