Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 121 - Uppity Kids and Monster Pizza Cravings

June 7, 2013        235.6 lbs

Today I did a medium distance swim that ended up being a tough workout.  3200 yards = 200 wup, 200 kick, 200 pull, 200 swim. Followed by:

8x100 with 15 sec rest - right into:
16x50 with 10 sec rest - right into:
20x25 with 5 sec rest - right into:
200 steady freestyle
200 warm down

The whole "right into" part was a little work. After swimming at Hansen Dam, I understand the need to not stop at the ends of the pool to catch my breath. Can't do it in the water. Well, unless you roll on your back that is.
I was surprised I swam it as well as I did, expecting to need more time to catch my breath. Except for the frequent bathroom breaks, (I took three!), I followed the program to the second.

The only other thing that happened was some kids were having a little party. One of them lit up a cigarette. Now understand, there are eight separate no smoking signs in the pool. I asked him not to smoke in the pool area. At the end of the workout, I saw his buddy was smoking in the same spot and looking at me with the "What are you going to do about it?" look.  I called security. Looking him in the face, and then waited till they came in and watched him deny he was smoking. I never had to even point him out, the security officer figured it out pretty fast and kicked them out. Do I feel bad, nope. Because even when I smoked, I followed the rules. And I was a hardcore smoker averaging 3 packs a day. Frankly, when I think about it, I consider it amazing I can function at all with the damage I did to myself. Even after quitting over three years ago, my lungs feel like they are just now opening up again.

After the swim, The Boss made a very tasty dinner of zucchini "pasta" with a plant based Alfredo like sauce that was super yummy. However, I ate it so fast, I never got a picture!
Then I decided to get a beer for some reason and headed to Tony's Darts Away. But it was packed and as I drove around, I spotted the Burbank Holiday Inn and remembered there is a upper level bar. So I went there hoping to have a quick drink and bail.

This hotel is nostalgic for me as I stayed there for a few weeks in 1985. My family had relocted out here from Maryland and I was ecstatic to be in California where I could pursue one of three things I was passionate about, music, film work or martial arts. To me, this place was pure heaven. It didn't last though. My mom went stir crazy with my three year old terror of a brother and manipulated us back to Maryland again. Damn! It took a stint in the Army and until 1991 to get back out here. My first wife was even from California.

The elevators are on the outside of the building so you get a heck of a view riding them.

The Crystal View bar was exactly as I remembered it. Considering I hadn't been back since 1985. I had my drink, settled up and headed home.

I thought if I made this goofy expression, it might look like I was falling! Um.   .   .   no.
On the way home, I was starting to have one of my nightly pizza cravings. I ended up sitting outside a Pizza Hut for twenty-five minutes trying to remember why I wasn't eating pizza anymore.

Pretty pathetic but that is the honesty of the situation. Ultimately, I drove home pizza-less and commenced to blaming The Boss for me not eating pizza. She countered with calm logic. She reminded me that it was eating lots of pizza that helped me gain a lot of weight in the first place. True. How dare she use logic on me! I'm really struggling with the night time cravings though. The pizza craving is the worst though. It's bad enough that I would classify it as full blown addict withdrawal. Don't hate. Until tomorrow my friends.

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