Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 122 - A Really Big Ride and The Big Bump

June 8, 2013      235 lbs

What a day! Today was a big ride day. Four hours in Zone 2. It was a very good ride. And just for a kicker, Chris had me do twenty minutes of running immediately after the ride.

First a little problem. Last night, I noticed a large bump on my wrist. It didn't hurt but it was obviously there. I have been having some hand weakness for a couple weeks now as well.
I sent Chris the picture and asked if he had experience with issues like this. He replied that it is probably a fit issue with my bike. Putting too much weight on my wrist from how I ride. Check!

I'd like to discuss my nutrition for the pre-ride and during the ride for a minute. I made a nice mango, baby spinach, strawberry and twelve date smoothy. I also put in a scoop of Garden Of Life raw protein and a scoop of Skratch Labs Hydration Mix.  For the ride I filled two water bottles with a scoop of Garden Of Life raw protein, one Tbsp of Macca powder, One Tbsp of Chia powder plus two scoops of the Hydration Mix. My plan, to drink half of one battle for each hour I rode. I took my Camelback also, filled all the way with filtered water. I headed to Arcadia to the Rio Hondo trail head.
Because I was going out for longer than usual, I had decided to head south at the fork in the road towards Long Beach. I wasn't sure it could happen or not but I was hoping to ride to the ocean.

I had only been on part of this trail before and frankly, was a little uneasy as I had heard that it wasn't "the best area."
Some of the beginning was a little rough but I noticed that there were black squares painted all over to cover graffiti. Someone was looking after the trail.

I rode by the same silver necklace I had placed on the fence over a month ago. Still there!

As I continued up the small dips and elevations, I noticed I was standing up and hammering up these small hills. Not something I was able to do even recently. I think riding up to the top of the Santa Fe Dam is helping. That plus the Z2 training is always surprising me with sudden new abilities.

I rode over this cool railroad trestle at one point.
I noticed that as I went, the landscape became greener.

One thing I saw a lot of was chipmunks! Unfortunately, I could get any good pics. They were all over the place, sunning themselves on the rocks along the embankment of the river. Next time.

I rode by a mini go cart place that looked really fun. At least the people riding them were smiling big.

The landscape got lusher as I got closer to Long Beach. I was really surprised at how many parks and golf courses were next to the river.

At one point I saw some bigger teenage kids, standing menacingly around a smaller kid who looked scared. I stopped and stared at the bigger kids while the little guy took off. By the time they realized it, he was gone.

I noticed that the river basin improved quite a bit as I headed south. Getting wider and cleaner.

I felt very strong on this ride. Interestingly, it seemed as though I was riding slightly uphill on the way down, though I know now I wasn't.

I was also really impressed with the built in pad on my California Triathlon cycling shorts and wishing all my kits had the same pad. I've got to remember to ask Voler which pad it is for future orders.

I arrived at this bridge almost exactly at the halfway point. I was about 4.5 miles from the ocean. I considered riding on, but it looked like troubled sky's and I knew I was going to be riding in the dark on the way back as it is. Another day. I couldn't believe I had actually rode all the way to Long Beach! I finished drinking the first bottle of riding formula and ate one of The Boss's raw energy bars.

Strangely, the ride back, felt more downhill and faster. It wasn't, just felt that way.

I really like how this section of trail looks at sundown and often take a photo of it.
The sun didn't go all the way down until I was almost finished. So I got to ride through a really nice sunset.

I arrived in the parking lot of the golf course just at full dark and because I needed to run for another twenty minutes, I treated it like a race transition. I grabbed my hat and running shoes and took off again. My legs felt good but my cardio was lagging. As I got to the halfway mark, my heart rate was beginning to "drift" or creep up even though I wasn't running very hard.

At the end I was looking at the golf course from outside.

Final stats: 53 miles, 3:53:47 total moving time. Average miles per hour 14 mph.  Approximately 2315 calories burned.
As I wrote before, I have had some serious pizza cravings. So tonight I got a Pizza Hut thin crust veggie pizza. I have to say, after all the raw eating I've been doing, the pizza tasted fake for lack of a better word. It was like I could see vegetables, but their flavor was off somehow. I'll pay for it tomorrow when I weigh myself. Until tomorrow my friends.

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