Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 123 - Energy Bars, Half Swims and 10k's

June 9, 2013      236.4 lbs

My day started with a text message from Kevin Tran asking me to meet up with him and his kids at Hansen Dam pool. I agreed and finished some chores quickly. Like removing the raw cookies from the dehydrator and placing them in glass jars.

Here is a picture of The Boss's Raw Energy Bars.

These things are awesome for long endurance rides or quick lasting pre-workout energy in general. Moist and packed with lots of good stuff, I took two with me for my 50+ ride on Sunday.

I made it to Hansen Dam and looked around for awhile. Eventually I called Kevin and discovered he got stuck at his house and couldn't make it. Doh! I wanted to swim there but there were just too many people populating the swim lane so I bailed and ran some errands for The Boss.

After the errands I was starved so I had a slushy coconut at Lotus Vegan in North Hollywood.

Here is a tip for selecting a coconut. Pick the heaviest coconut you can find. It will usually be the sweetest and have the most water inside.

After the "coconut incident", I headed home and after some more home stuff, I headed to the pool in my neighborhood for my swim workout. Part one of my brick. I didn't get to swim until later than I would have liked and as a result had a shorter swim than I was assigned. The actual workout was:

3000 yards = 10 x 300 with 45 seconds rest. Steady.

I started in the deep end doing sinking drills. I found that doing these help a great deal with breathing overall. The other thing I have been focusing on is relaxed exhaling while under. If I force out my breath, I have a much tougher job switching from exhale to inhale and subsequently start to feel like I'm drowning. Speaking of drowning, a friend posted an article about the signs of drowning on Facebook today. The article discussed how among other things, people that are drowning, usually don't make a lot of noise. I have found this to be true as well. Also, they press down on the water in an attempt to hold their mouth out of the water. They also kick their feet in almost a pedaling gesture. How do I know? Because for some strange reason, I have pulled at least four people out of the water in my lifetime. Including one just the other day. Remember, it's not like the movies.

I made it through half of the workout before I had to leave.

After dinner, I headed out for part two of my brick, a one and one half hour Z2 run. I have to say, I was pretty tired and trying to justify not running. Ultimately, I thought of how much farther I have to go in my running. That did it!
I got into my car and drove to the bottom of the hill, deciding to run along Glenoaks Blvd. I was a touch apprehensive about running so long but was curious to see what would happen.

What a terrible picture!

I had nothing to be apprehensive about. I ran steady and enjoyed it. I didn't really begin sweating until later in the run  either. The only thing was, I had to pee. The entire time! It was a true test of my mental fortitude or my ability to suffer. Believe me, I was eyeing every alley I passed. Just when I would decide to duck into one to pee, it seemed a police officer would drive by watching me. So I never went. I got back to my car at exactly the 1:30 minute mark having run 6.4 miles. As I got into my car, it dawned on me, I just ran a 10k. And I feel pretty good! I had actually forgotten about having to pee.

Tomorrow is a rest day. Until tomorrow my friends.

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