Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 124 - Rest Day and the Invasion of Fry's

June 10, 2013    234.8 lbs

REST DAY! So as usual, I ran a bunch of errands and didn't really relax like I was supposed to. Sigh. It's my own "vault." I know that real gains happen during rest.
I get negative feedback if I do a post that too short. (You know who you are!) So here is what I did.

The Boss woke me up first thing this morning telling me her cars smart key battery was dead. So I headed to the local Fry's Electronics to get a battery. It ended up being the same kind I needed for my Garmin chest strap. A 2032. The more I train, the more I'm collecting extra charging cables for my devices so if I goof up and forget to charge something, I can do it in my car.

My legs definitely feel like they have been worked from the last weeks training but at least nothing hurts.
I made some pretty good progress last week with both riding the farthest in training and running the farthest in training. So far.

I love the fact that I can run and ride over undulating hills. I look forward to hammering up big hills one day.

After Fry's I ran around a few more places and ended up at Lowes where I managed to fool around in the gardening section until The Boss told me to cut it out.

 I need to find more places to do the long rides. Wrist Update: Swelling is still noticeably present and it hurts to apply pressure. However it is a very mild pain. Well, this week has a few big workouts, I look forward to trying them.

If you are a regular reader of the blog, let me hear from you. Our daily readers numbers have skyrocketed. So thanks to everyone for stopping by. Until tomorrow my friends.

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