Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 125 - A Day At The Dam and Running By Haunted Houses

June 11, 2013      234.8 lbs

Today as I prepared for my double workout, I discovered I was out of my Skratch Labs Hydration Mix. 


Then I remembered I heard a knock on the door earlier. Could it be? Yes! Just in time.
I talk about them, not because I get anything from them, I don't, I simply love their products. I paid for this and the last order as I should as their Official Sponsor. That's right, me, I'm sponsoring them!

Today, I had a short brick of a one hour and fifteen minute ride with 8x2 minute fast intervals and a twenty minute run immediately afterwards.
I went to Hansen Dam to.   .   . well.   .   .ride on top of the Dam.  
Just yesterday, I mentioned getting back up charging cables for the car, well guess what? As I got my bike together and ready to ride, I discovered my Garmin 910xt was dead. I worry about "short charging" the battery. Basically charging it before it is all the way drained which causes the battery to eventually hold less of a charge. So yesterday, I left the watch on to drain it and immediately forgot to recharge it! 

Back into the car for nine minutes until the charge said it was at 25%. Interestingly, when I disconnected it, it was not at 25%. It was at around 6%, however it lasted for the full hour and thirty-five minute combined workout. 

By the way, here is my "cock pit."
I like riding with the Garmin on the handlebars so I can see the readout without changing hand position. The Biologic rechargeable case is great for the long rides. If the phone runs low on charge, the case can charge it with the press of a button. My only criticism with the case is the phone screen can be very difficult to see in bright light. I sometimes have to open the case to see whats happening on screen.

Beautiful day out, not too hot or sunny. Fortunately there were enough gaps among the power walkers
to get in my speed intervals. Honestly, I should have gone to Santa Fe Dam as it is 1.) longer and 2.) has less people. This makes for a better quality workout. The reason I didn't go is I would be riding in bad traffic for a good portion to get to the dam. I didn't want to risk it with "hangry" workers trying to get home to dinner and who were emotionally unstable as a result of their hunger.

I took the opportunities to ride up any ramps I could as I really like seeing the progress I'm making. It worked out great because I timed it with my "fast" pace up intervals.
Soon enough I was finished and heading back to my neighborhood to do my twenty minute run. I didn't trust my bike in the car there. Not even for twenty minutes. I also didn't want to run in circles around the parking lot for twenty minutes. 

I arrived back at my development in a few minutes and switched the watch to "run" mode. I changed into my Merrel Bare Access 2 running shoes, (Have I mentioned how much I love these shoes?) and headed out forgetting my Road ID running hat. 

I ran up the road in same direction I went the other night. Seeing the lay of the land in daylight, up close and personal was nice. I don't really like running in my cycling kits, the pear like quality of my shape stands out and I get those funny looks from people that seem to say, "Is he seriously wearing that out fit while running? Look how fat he is." Or something similar.

My legs, especially my shins and calves were pretty tight off the bike and I started off feeling.  .  .well.  .  .off! After about ten minutes, they were much better and I could enjoy the turnover.

I was able to run through a nice little neighborhood that some moderate hills.

I believe this house used to be a mortuary. It definitely has gloomy feel to it. I've always wanted to know. Maybe one day, I will run past as someone is leaving and can ask. Well tomorrow, I have another brick session of swimming and running. Until tomorrow my friends.

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