Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 126 - Wasted Training Day and A New Puppy.

June 12, 2013         234.4 lbs

Today I had a brick of a 2500 yard swim and a fifty-five minute easy run.

I headed out to the pool and walked into the pool area to find every square foot of the water filled with flailing children.  .  . darn.

So I headed back home for an hour, by then concerned that the pool would open up. As I prepared to leave again, I heard strange sounds from the basement. All the sudden, I heard, "No- - - Sit!

What the heck?

Sure enough, The Boss tells me to come downstairs and look. There on the foyer was this little gal.

As soon as she made it up the stairs to the living room, she peed. So I picked her up and put her gently on the potty training mat. The Boss decided to call her Orion.

First things first, Orion needed a leash for her potty walk later in the evening. So off to the pet store I go.
I got a leash, a new collar, a new tag, the tag engraved, a comfort harness, a chew toy and some puppy treats. About $100.00 worth of stuff! What the heck, I haven't even decided if I was going to keep it or not.

Apparently, The Boss got her at a friends house as an "overnight trial."  We had been thinking about getting a dog from a rescue for a month or so. She went to her friends today and was shown the puppy who was being puppy sat and shopped to a good family.

By the time the living room was "puppy proofed" and other necessary steps taken, it was after 2:00am and no way for me to workout.

Having a puppy is a commitment and a challenge that I'm not 100% sure I'm ready for. But I don't want to play with the puppies affections so I will decide soon.  I haven't owned a dog for a very long time with the last being murdered by my pet serial killer mother. (Don't ask.)

She is adorable and like all puppies alternates between intense energy and passing out cold. Kind of like me! I am conflicted honestly.

If I would have done the swim, the workout would have been:

2500 yards = Warm-up 400 Choice
Set #1 (1000) 1000 straight - moderate 500, long and smooth 500.
Set #2 (800) 4 x 200 pull (odds easy w/ paddles breathing 3, 5 by 25, evens 25 fast, 25 easy) on :20 rest.
Set #3 (300) 6 x 50 (odds - drill, swim; evens - DPS, sprint) on :20 rest.

As I said before, the run was fifty-five minutes of easy running. I was looking forward to both of these workouts. Had the swim workout written on my hand and everything.

My friend and editor of the California Triathlon weekly blog pointed out that I mentioned "sinking drills" the other day but never really explained it. So here it is. You start in the deep end usually, before you warm up. Basically, you exhale forcefully until you sink to the bottom. Pause a beat, then surface when needed. You do this several times until you are comfortable being under water and no longer feel panicky. You have to watch out that you don't freakout especially in the beginning. I have been doing this before each swim and believe it helps my breathing overall.

The swelling in my wrist is better but still there. William at Triathlon Lab set up an appointment for me tomorrow to get some aerobars put on my bike. That should help. Until tomorrow my friends.

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