Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 127 - Aero Bars and Real Bars, a Cautionary Tale

June 13, 2013      234.8 lbs

First thing this morning I had an appointment at Triathlon Lab with Will Mayberry to get some aerobars put on my bike and get the fit adjusted so there is less pressure on my wrist.

I ended up selecting some aluminum Profile Design T3's based on Will's recommendation. Once he got them installed, he made a few minor tweaks to the fit.

I should point out that this was not a truly aerodynamic position. More of a hybrid for me. It is all part of the gradual modification of my riding position as mapped out by Will.
I decided to check their stock of Skratch Labs.

In no time I was finished and ready to go.

Me and Will Mayberry
Forty minutes is all it took and Will even gave me a discount on the labor.  Thanks for taking care of me Will!

Here are the new aerobars installed. Will also adjusted the shifter more inward to create a more straight line between my hand and elbow to help reduce pressure on my wrist.
I picked up a mini pump, just in case, after listening to some experienced riders discuss flats and how CO2 inflation systems can fail.

I got home and had a few more errands to run before I could swim. While I was out, I decided to eat at a local bar the has some vegan options. While there, I had two drinks. Next thing I know, I'm feeling way too buzzed to drive and have to sit in my car waiting for my head to clear up. Dumb!

By the time I finished all I had to do, including getting a doggy "pen" for Orion the new puppy, and got home again, I was out of time to swim. 

I through on my jammers and headed out with less than a half hour to swim. I got to the pool and an older guy was teaching two other older guys how to swim freestyle.

I did a few laps fast, hoping to stimulate my body with some kind of workload. By the time security showed up to kick us out, I had barely done more than a warm up!

I have to get things in order so this stuff doesn't happen again. Gotta focus.

Well that's it for now. Until tomorrow my friends.

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