Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 128 - Half Swimmng, Tadpoles and Running

June 14, 2013       234.6 lbs

Last light I sent Chris Hauth, my coach, a message that I was unable to do the swim workout and asked if I could try it again today. His response, "sure."
Once again the pool was packed, however I swam anyways. Dodging moms with infants and kids with questionable floatation/coordination skills.

At about the halfway point, an entire squadron of new moms and tadpoles arrived for some pool fun in the sun. It was just too much and I had to leave, determined to start swimming in the mornings.
Note the slightly smudged workout from the previous day. Same one I tried today.

Doesn't look like much in the picture but they were all over the place. Each time I went to take a picture, everyone would go to the edge of the pool! Drat!

A good way to test your exhale is to do the Sinking drill at the end of your workout. It's amazing the difference from at the beginning in how relaxed it feels.

There are times when I'm swimming or running when I feel slightly detached from my body. It's as if I feel someone else's body moving below my shoulders. Another example would be like riding a horse. Feeling the power of the animal carry you along. That's how my body feels sometimes. I'll be exercising and I just have this sense of my muscles being on autopilot doing what they need to do to carry me along. It is a very strange but very good feeling to get stronger like this.

After the swim attempt, take two! I headed home where as usual for the last couple days, all attention is diverted to the puppy. She is extremely smart and has already picked up a few things that has always taken other dogs longer.

She also warns us that she needs to go to the bathroom or better yet, that "potty time" is impending. Sometimes there is very little warning and a scramble ensues. The trainers say that when a puppy starts to go to the bathroom, you should calmly pick it up and carry it to the proper place for it to go. The first time I questioned this advice was yesterday. I heard The Boss call out. "Hey!!!"and heard a small scramble. Then I sat and watched as The Boss carried Orion from the kitchen to the puppy pad all the way across the living room and into the foyer. A steady fountain of pee coming from the puppy the entire time! Hmmmmm, I can let her pee in one spot or I can help her to mark the entire territory!
As a matter of fact, I would like to put it out there, that I am continuously shocked at the sheer volume of poop and pee that such a small animal can generate!I have heard parents with infants make similar comments.

The Boss had to go to a job. So it was up to me to set up her puppy playpen. No problem. As soon as I left to run, I was worried. Worried she was barking or freaking out or I don't know what. Basically, separation anxiety. After only two days.

I had a one hour and ten minute run assigned with the last twenty minutes in Zone 3 heart rate. For me, that is between 145-160 bpm.
Lately I have been running near my neighborhood. I like the rolling hills. One day, I'd like to be able to run up the big hill in my development as it is a half mile long and pretty steep.

Here is a picture of another hill near my place.

Since I have been running this route, I have wanted as mini goal, to run to the local high school and go a couple times on the track. Well, I made it today.

I have never run  on this type of track before. It sure was squishy! I was concerned at first that I would over compensate and begin slamming my foot down harder. So I reminded myself to keep it light and on the forefoot with a slightly higher turnover. After a couple times around the track, it was time to head back.
I read that the high school offers lap swimming so as I passed I snapped a picture of the pool.

I don't know if its heated or not. Might suck in the winter. Still, worth looking into.

Every time I run, I feel slight discomfort in the middle of the bottom of my right foot and in the middle front of my right shin. I mean every time. Calf sleeves help immensely but I would really like to not feel this anymore.  Speaking of comfort, the first part of any run for me is difficult usually, as my legs are just waking up and mind is asking me, "Do you really want to do this?"
After that first ten minutes, my legs go into running mode instead of complaining mode and everything is great. I'm having moments where running is starting to feel a way I never imagined.

Well the puppy is asleep and it's 4:36 am. Looks like I'm going to miss the CalTri Flat Forty group out of Incycle in Pasadena and have to do my long ride alone tomorrow. That's okay. I train alone normally anyways.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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