Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 132 - Swimming, Biking and Running

 June 18, 2013       235 lbs

Big day today. For the first time, Chris had me do the full trinity. All three disciplines, swim, bike and run. Almost a full sprint triathlon. Only the run was short of the required 5k.

First up was the swim:

2100 yards= warm up continuous: 200 warm up into 200 FAST into 150 long aerobic into 200 FAST into 100 long aerobic into 200 FAST. THEN, 8x100 steady with only 5 sec. rest n between 200 warm down.
About halfway through, I felt things clicking and I could especially feel the water against my forearms from the catch to the pull all the way through the release. I was moving a lot of water. Well, at least it felt that way.
Next, I went home and walked the puppy. Very important! Then I packed up the bike and headed to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena for the bike and the run. I have done a couple 5k's there but never trained there. One thing that impressed me was the sheer amount of people walking, speed walking, running and biking there.

Another impressive site was the peloton, or main group of riders. These guys were going fast. The picture doesn't do it justice as the group extended well beyond the edge of the frame.

The training road loops around the stadium and an adjacent golf course. Half of the ride is up hill and the other is well, downhill. A good course to work on both climbing and descending. Not a lot of elevation but the climb was steady enough that I was working.

The bike workout was an hour and fifteen minute ride with the last twenty minutes in Z3 heart range.
As I was riding I got to the halfway point and thought, "Oh man, I'm tired and I still gotta do this several more times!"
I was repeatedly humbled as the alarm on my heart rate monitor reminded me to stay in the right zone and slow down. The trick is to not let the ego get involved and take off after someone. Their pace is not your pace when your training in your zones.

I enjoyed training there. After the bike, my legs were feeling a little flat as I hurriedly put the bike in the car and put on my running shoes for the last workout, a short twenty minute run to find my legs.
Following the run path out my legs were stiff and unresponsive for the first eleven minutes. After that, I felt okay and could have run much longer. It's the brains perceived fatigue that will affect your workout more than any loss of glycogen. (I've been reading about this stuff!)

I finished with the run as the sun set and the stadium lights went on.

As I drove out of the parking lot, I couldn't help but get the above picture. I went home feeling tired but energized at the same time.

After dinner and more puppy attention, I decided to get a drinky winky at The Crystal View bar on top of the Burbank Holiday Inn.

There is a very long hallway I pass that reminds me of something from The Shinning.

I really like this place as it is almost always quiet.

Plus, there is an incredible view of Burbank.

While I had my drink, I began discussing with the bartender training for 5k's as she mentioned she was going to do one soon. Somehow we ended up discussing addiction and I had the following thoughts.

Sometimes we see ourselves as broken and find it difficult to motivate ourselves out of that state of mind. You are not the fractured image you see in your minds eye. Whatever your addiction is, it is just a way of not dealing with life. A way to avoid experiencing the bad, but ultimately the good as a side effect. Some people fear change because they fear losing their identity. Even if that identity is from addiction. Or being unhealthy from diet and lifestyle.
When I look back at the last twenty years and think of all the life I missed out on. The experiences of being a whole human being. Maybe with problems, but still alive and vital. And not the caricature I saw in my head. The worst part of it all was the lack of belief I could make a change whether I believed it possible or not. This has to do with a "I'm too far gone" mentality. Something very much defeatist. Making any change towards the positive

I think it touched a nerve with her and our discussion on training as she said she was very motivated all the sudden! After a long day of training and brief respite, it was time to go home and work on the blog which I am finishing now at 6:18 am. That's it for now. Until tomorrow my friends.

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