Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 133 - Hill Running and Sore Nipples

June 19, 2013        234.4 lbs

Hi all. I forgot to mention yesterday, I burned 1884 calories doing all three of those workouts.

I don't know if it's the angle or the fact that I shaved but I have noticed a slight thinness to my face in the recent photos.

Today I had an easy fifty-five minute run. I thought I would change things up and run on Kenneth Rd that is parallel to my Glenoaks route and has a bit more elevation.
I've been under some stress recently with regards to money, no job, the puppy and other things. As a result, I'm looking forward to my workouts even more each day. It is the only time when I can focus on something other

At the beginning of this route, there is a steep hill followed immediately by a very long descent. As I was running along on this descent, I thought, "Boy am I glad I'm not going to run this in the opposite direction!" I had already decided to run on Glenoaks Blvd on the way back.

The hills were a challenge but I kept an open mind and kept repeating, "Well let's just see what happens" and kept going.

I ran by a house in the shape of a castle on top of a hill. I thought it looked sort of like Hogwarts.

I reached the halfway point and started to turn right to run down to Glenoaks when I thought, "Why not just go back the way you came?" I wasn't sure I had the energy to run up that long descent. Still, testing my progress is always interesting to me. As it happened, I had nothing to complain about physically. My hips and knees were a bit stiff and sore from yesterdays triple workout. And the entire run I felt my shins a little more than usual. It wasn't until the end that I realized a had forgotten to wear my calf sleeves. Doh!
Another issue that came up was nipple chafing! As I ran, my shirt became saturated with sweat and it rubbed on my nipples causing a painful burning sensation. Have to remember to use BodyGlide on my chest now! Oh, well. The life of a triathlete.
Until tomorrow my friends!

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