Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 134 - The Big Pool and the Tired Puppy Person

June 20, 2013       233.6 lbs

Today I had a pretty big swim workout. 3800 yards total. Here is the workout.

3800 yards = 400 swim - 200 kick - 200 pull - 800 swim right into a 200 kick - 8x100 pull right into a 200 kick with 5 sec rest - 800 swim right into a 200 kick (this can be with fins or paddles or both - no pull buoy though!)

I decided that a big workout like this required a big pool! So I went to Hansen Dam Swim Lake with the hope of there being enough room for me to swim.  As it happened, there was just enough.

I had a few close calls as the water was a bit cloudy at the end of the day and the little tadpoles don't really look where they are going.

But I was able to get a good solid 3800 yards in and then I went a little farther just to do it.

Four thousand yards! That is 2.2 miles. I had decided to go ahead and swim the extra .2 mile or 352 yards when the announced the closure of the pool. Next time!
I ended up having two conversations with a couple different lifeguards about what I was training for. It felt really nice to speak to these guys as contemporaries about training. Both knew I was training for triathlon interestingly. When they heard the distance, each one shook their heads in sympathy.

You can see how murky the water was in the image and also how long the monster pool is! I felt really good after the swim and during it. I kept my breathing under control and during one of the many 200 yard laps, I was present of mind enough to enjoy the pull and moving through the water.

I went home and drank some Skratch Labs Hydration Mix and a scoop of Garden of Life chocolate raw protein powder. Just then, The Boss got home and said she was taking the puppy for a run down the hill and asked if I wanted to go to. Why not?

So we headed to the bottom of the hill stopping constantly as the puppy didn't want to run. Or really walk either. We had to bribe her the entire way. It wasn't until The Boss took her leash and they both followed me up the hill. I've always wanted to run the half mile hill to my house one day. It's pretty steep. When I first started moving to get healthy, I would walk up and down the hill. So why not today? Even though it wasn't an assigned workout, I ran up the hill with The Boss and Orion the puppy following closely. We only had to pause a couple times for them to catch their breath. I made it sweating through my clothes and being pretty tired. Me and the puppy both!

Well that's it for now. No big life lessons learned except that maybe; no matter how much energy we have at the bottom of the hill, everyone is tired at the top.

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