Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 135 - Back to Hansen, Aggro Teen puppies and French Fries

June 21, 2013           234 lbs

Today I started the day by going to "breakfast" at The Office which is a bar! I had a portobello burger with a side of fries and a couple drinks. Then I had a second side of fries! Man, when I blow it, I really blow it.

At one point I went by Hansen Dam Swim Lake again in order to measure the actual pool length and the swim lane. One of the lead Lifeguards and I had discussed it yesterday. Unfortunately, my measuring wheel went goofy just as I was starting. One of the other lifeguards told me that each time they measured the pool, they got 153 yards, deck to deck. I still want to get the swim lane exact measurement but I'm guessing that it is about 148 yards.

Today's workout was a one hour and ten minute run in Z2 with 8x2 minute fast intervals in Zone 3 of my heart rate.

Pretty straight forward. I remembered to wear my calf sleeves. My legs are feeling beat up so it took a few minutes to warm up into it. My shins always remind me that I have had issues with them in the past but today I was just sort of achy. Feet and knees mostly. Despite it, I felt okay during the majority of the run. When I pass people I always make eye contact to make sure they see me and basically to acknowledge them.

If the person is working out, I usually give them a thumbs up. Tonight, near the end of the run, I passed a high school kid dressed in his football jersey. As I made eye contact with him, he became aggressive and confrontational. My first thought was, "Who does this puppy think he is trying to be intimidating?" Still, he didn't actually do anything, just talked. Talking means nothing to me. People that run their mouths all the time are usually compensating for a significant weakness in their psyche. This kid was trying to posture up like a big dog, barking and trying to sound scary, but ultimately was only a loud little dog. I ran past the kid and turned to watch him. Nothing.

I got home and had a big bowl of spaghetti. Yay, for carb loading before a big ride, race, or adventure.

Well, I have to get up early for a four and a half hour ride. Until tomorrow my friends.

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