Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 136 - A Loooooooooooong Ride

June 22, 2013       234.8 lbs

What a ride! Today I met up with fellow Advanced Ironman Training Program cohort Scott Taylor and did a nice long ride from Arcadia to Long Beach and back. The actual assigned workout was:

"4.5 hours. A steady Z2 HR ride but include 2x30 min at Z3 cycling in this ride.  Evenly spread out depending on terrain and where you can get this in.  Plan your ride well.  Should NOT be done on a Hill."

I almost got it done.

I met Scott at the Arcadia Golf Course parking lot at 11:00 am. That's Scott in the picture below.

 After a little small talk about the ride we took off. We have different training heart rate zones and tried to find a happy balance splitting the difference however, Scott ended up with the raw end of the deal as by the time we were finished, he had rode the entire time in his Z4 heart rate! Not sure how it happened still.

The weather was nice but hot and there was a heck of a head wind on the way south to Long Beach. Scott kept telling me, he didn't feel it as I was blocking the wind for him.

When it came time to pace up to Zone 3 for a half hour, I was concerned about him riding too far outside of his training zone and kept slowing down. At which point, Scott would encourage me to get back to the faster pace.

Even though it was a long ride, it felt as if the time flew by.

And next thing I know, we had made it to the bridge I had stopped at previously and were parallel to a tributary unlike any of the run off basins we had passed. I could also smell salt.

Sure enough, we made it to the beach and took a quick pause for refueling.

On the way back, we had a little tail wind that made the ride seem to fly by. Scott kept telling me how long we had left and I kept saying that the numbers were weird on his watch as mine said something different and my timing app was saying something else as well.

We got back to the Arcadia Golf Course parking lot and were glad to be finished. When it was all over with my watch said 3:56:39 time and 58.23 miles ridden with 2,367 calories burned. I saw that my watch said we were around four hours and told him. I couldn't figure out how it was possible that I somehow missed a half an hour of riding. Later on, I figured it out when I looked at my timing program. I had input on four hours total and not the extra half hour for some reason!

So Scott, you were correct.

We said our goodbyes and I headed for the nearest Roebecks to get a an Evergreen juice to help with recovery and rehydrate. Tasty! By the time I got home a half hour later, I felt fried. I was also beginning to feel the effects of the sunburn I received.

After dinner, I took the puppy for a potty break and saw my neighbor out at the pool. The first thing he says is, "Were you running on Glenoaks last night?"

And then it hit me.  .  .

The kid that I thought was mad dogging me and swelling up and talking trash, was actually my neighbor who saw me and couldn't believe his eyes. The "puffing up and talking crap" was part of his attempt to flag me down as he had been riding his bike and it got a flat. When he saw me running with my hat on, he couldn't be sure it was me. I guess I look different since he last saw me.

The entire thing was a complete mistake. And how I failed to recognize my neighbor is something I'm still trying to figure out. It was the end of the workout and I was in a solid Z3 two minute interval, pushing hard. That is the only excuse I have but it's true. Until tomorrow my friends.

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