Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 137 - The Almost Swim and Post Dinner Blah!

June 23, 2013         234.2 lbs

Not a productive day of training today. I was assigned a brick workout of swimming and running. The swim was:

3400 yards = 400 choice - 5x200 middle 100 drill with 20 sec. rest - 4x200 build 1-4 in speed with 15 sec rest. 3x200 pull - with 10 sec rest600:  resting 5 sec after every 200 and keeping staying same speed.

The run was one hour with a tight Z2 focus.

I started off by going to Hansen Dam Aquatic Center for the swim. I was running late and due to several unforeseen circumstances, I only had a few minutes at most!

I did what I could but only ended up with .32 of a mile or 563 yards. A warm up! Next, I headed to the neighborhood pool to finish the workout. But it was packed! So I headed home with the intent to return later. I waited a couple hours and headed back but it was still too many people. So I went to dinner. After dinner I didn't feel well and decided to rest for the evening. Tomorrow is a rest day but if I feel okay, I'll run and swim again.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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