Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 138 - Rest Day, World War Z and Sofritas

June 24, 2013        236 lbs

Look at that weight! That's what I get for eating too much salt. Oh, well.  .  .

Today was officially a rest day and I didn't do anything except eat, go to the movies and walk the dog. So if you wanna bail from reading the rest, now is the time! 3 - 2 - 1 - GO!!!

I meant to post this the other day. That is the new puppy Orion holding on for dear life!

I woke up tired and still not feeling great. I had a morning smoothy of kale, mangos and strawberries. Then The Boss and I decided to watch World War Z.

The movie wasn't bad. It wasn't the book, that's for sure. If you haven't read the book and you like zombie stuff, it is one of the best. Even if you don't like zombie stuff, it's an incredible book.

After, we went to Chipotle where I saw the new "sofritas" filling option. It is an organic tofu flavored with chilli, roasted poblano peppers and spices. It was originally tested in northern California and it was so popular, that it was expanded to all northern and southern California locations.

It rocks! Very tasty. I can see meat eaters enjoying it as well. We ran some errands and headed home. Tomorrow, I have another brick. I am tired and still have to write my weekly blog for California Triathlon. Might have to do it tomorrow. The good news is this week is a recovery week. Until tomorrow my friends.

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