Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 139 - A Big Exhale and And Too Much Sauce

June 25, 2013      234.4 lbs

Today I had a recovery week brick workout. 2400 yard swim and one hour ride. I headed to Hansen Dam again. I'm always surprised at how cold the water is, no matter how hot it may be outside.

I knocked out the swim in no time after making the rounds, saying hello to all the lifeguards I met there. A weird thing keeps happening. I've taken a measuring wheel to the pool to find the exact distance of the swim lane twice. Both times, I check it before I go and it works fine. I get to the pool and as soon as I begin rolling it, it stops working.

Here is my swim workout: 3x800 stretch out swim:  1x every 4th length drill 1x steady swim 1x pull.

As usual, I love to warm up in the big pool. I started with sinking drills and took off. The first lap, I always try to go nice and steady and easy. This session, I noticed I was not exhaling well enough. That's right, exhaling. By not exhaling really well, you shorten your inhale and eventually start to get hypoxic. Next, it feels like your drowning. At least that's what I think is happening.

After the swim I headed home  and did some work. Next thing I knew, the puppy needed walking and the wife needed dinner and I needed more time to workout!

I had a one hour ride assigned with 6x90 sec FAST high cadence - aggressive spin sections. And of course that didn't happen. I didn't get settled with all the stuff I had to do until after one a.m.

I seriously need to get refocused, especially with my nutrition. Something else. Not easy to discuss but this blog is about my accountability. Lately, I have had some stress and have been drinking occasionally. Or so I thought. When I looked at my receipts, I realized, I've been drinking every day. Not a lot, but it's not the quantity that makes you an addict, it's the why. I find myself looking forward to those two drinks a day and in fact I'm beginning to get antsy and irritable if I don't have them. I find that I don't mind how crappy it makes me feel either. Time to stop! 
Well that's it for now. Until tomorrow my friends.

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