Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 140 - Fearless, Roads Less Traveled and Another Boo Boo

June 26, 2013         236.6 lbs

Interesting day and run today. My workout was a fifty-five minute easy, recovery week run. No problem. One great aspect of getting in shape, is the fearless feeling of wanting to explore your boundaries.
For me, that means trying different exercise routes. Like tonight's run. Instead of having a carefully planned route that I could easily determine a turnaround exactly equidistant from the start, something my OCD feeds off of, I choose to start running and see how far I got. Felt great, light and easy. I felt like I could run forever. I love these type of runs.

So I took the road less traveled and ventured into new places of unknown. Er, well, I ran by a Kids Castle that was pretty cool from the outside.

I also ran by my old Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school, Force/Balance Brazilian Jui Jitsu and Yoga in Burbank. I didn't really expect anyone to be there but sure enough my friends Jason, J.C. and Herbert were still there. I told them I was in the middle of my run and couldn't stay and took off again. Jason told me to "Have a safe run" as I went out the door.

I should have gotten a picture with the guys but didn't think of it until after.

I ended up running past Burbank Airport. As I made my way along the side walk, a bicyclist passed me. He had LED lights on his wheels that drew my attention. The second I turned my head, BAM! I kicked a raised portion of sidewalk that was sticking up and was heading down. Maybe stopping by my old school helped because as I was careening towards the sidewalk, I instinctively turned my fall into a forward roll. Something that every jui jitsu player does before every class.

As a result, I only injured my knee on the raised sidewalk. Darn! I should have taken a picture of it! (The sidewalk I mean.) The kid on the bike must have heard me fall and came back to see if I was okay. I told him I was fine, just stumbled and thanked him for checking.
I got up and assessed the damage. Seemed okay, just a little skin again.

Yay, more healing pictures! I'm just kidding. I started running again and realized that even though it was smarts, it wasn't as bad as my bike accident. My poor leg though. I'm gonna have scars on top of scars on that side.
I was about a mile from my car so I didn't have far to go thankfully. As I ran, I used the experience to help me if it should ever happen during a race. Mentally taking a snapshot of the way it felt and that I could run through it with no problem. Running with boo boo's

I got home just as The Boss was going to bed. She took one look and shrugged, "That's nothing." Exactly. As I write this, the leg is a bit stiff, but okay. Until tomorrow my friends.

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