Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day - 142 A Simple Run

June  28, 2013      233.0

Look at that weight! I'm not even sure what I did that caused the drop.

Today I had a simple 45 minute Z2 run with the last fifteen minutes in Z3 up tempo.

I contemplated bringing the puppy with me on the run but ultimately decided not to as she can be temperamental on walks as it is. My coach calls easy bike rides "an easy spin" and that is how I thought of this run.
Starting out, I felt light and my legs were on autopilot with high turn over. There was a point about twenty minutes into this run when I just felt great out there. Like I could run forever and recover as I went. I was almost half way before I realized, I had forgotten to wear my calf sleeves. I was three quarters finished before I realized I had no leg/shin/feet issues at all. Even my injured leg which got kicked today by mistake, didn't hurt. I always wonder if I will burn through all my energy at the beginning by going out too fast. It's never happened so I'm not sure why it always crosses my mind. Well, it happens more often when I have the pace ups like this workout. The last fifteen minute pace up was no problem. I stayed solidly at about 155 bpm.  Next thing I know, I was standing by my car and walking around to cool down.  A good solid run and I think, one of my last shorter ones looking at the next week. Things are only going to get longer. I have to work tomorrow so I won't be doing the three hour ride scheduled. Until tomorrow my friends.

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