Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 144 - Day Two of Work and Arizona Volunteer Prep

June 30, 2013          234.2 lbs

Second day of last minute work again. I had two workouts assigned and could not do either one. Here is what I was assigned:

Swim 2100 yards: 200 warm up into 200 FAST into 150 long aerobic into 200 FAST into 100 long aerobic into 200 FAST.  THEN, 8x100 steady with only 5 sec. rest n between, 200 warm down.

And a one hour light on the feet run.

I know these are not the most thrilling post but it is a day in my life. When I get work, it is rarely eight hour, more like twelve to fourteen. And I rarely get much notice. But regardless, I'm happy to be working. Even if it is only for a couple days.

Here is the daily pic.
I went to eat and saw this.

A bouncy house crammed into a back yard barely big enough to fit it. By the sounds of laughter coming from within, it sounded like the children were having a blast! I felt like there was a lesson in this about making things work, no matter what.

Here is a picture of the creature that is sucking up all my time when I'm not training or working.

Tomorrow morning the volunteer sign up for Ironman Arizona opens up at 12:00 pm Pacific time! I have multiple alarms set! I want to volunteer for the medal presentation area. By volunteering at this years Ironman in November, I am eligible to race in the 2014 race. I am excited just to sign up! Until tomorrow my friends.

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