Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 150 - Progress Shot and Golden Hour

July 6, 2013         236.6 lbs

Today is 150 days since I started training for Ironman Arizona 2014. First up, a progress shot.

I'm not sure I see a big difference from the last one.

So, a few days ago, I mentioned that I have been drinking more than I should lately and it was time to stop. Well the thing is, I didn't stop. My nutrition went to heck and my lack of sleep got even worse. I lost motivation to train as I focused on when I would have my daily drinks and felt a prevailing overall malaise. I forgot for a while, why I was training in the first place. This all didn't happen in a week, it slowly crept up on me for some time.
Last night, I sent Chris Hauth, (my coach), a message telling him I would like to take the next three days, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off and then repeat this weeks training, next week. I felt I wanted to take a few days to reset my brain and refocus on my goals.

Chris wrote this back to me:

Ok - Remember, more about doing a little something every day vs. doing all of it all the time...

I woke up today feeling better having started taking 3000mg of vitamin C to begin detoxing my system. All day, I was thinking about triggers that may set me off and avoiding them.

I started feeling antsy around 5:00 pm and realized I actually wanted to ride for a little while. So I headed to Arcadia.

It was a hot day today but by the time I got to Arcadia it had cooled off a lot.

The up ramp of the Santa Fe Dam got my heart beating fast. Sometimes, when I'm standing up pedaling to the top, I worry that I will go so slow that I will come to a stand still and fall over.

Once on top, it was open and smooth sailing. So I got into the aerobars and took off. Apparently PR-ing as one point according to Strava.

Interestingly, I don't think I looked at my heart rate the entire ride. I just took off and slowed if it felt like it was too high.

I passed a bunch of this on the trail and remember thinking it sure would suck to accidentally fall into that!
I rode into the mountains and enjoyed it. Reconnected with the enjoyment of riding along with a gentle cross breeze and the beginning of a beautiful sunset.

I needed to remember the number one reason why I started this journey. To get healthy and accomplish goals that I believed impossible.

Mission accomplished.

On one of the roads leading back to the Arcadia Golf course, there is a shrine.

I very grim reminder that you have to be constantly vigilant.

Just as I finished, the sky lit up with suns last rays as it descended the hills.

Here is a picture of my healing leg.

Well that's it for now! Until tomorrow my friends.

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