Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 151 - Rose Bowls and a long day!

July 7, 2013        237 lbs

Today I was at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA all day because I was volunteering for my triathlon club, California Triathlon.

A few times a year, the club mans a vending booth for certain events like UCLA games, concerts and soccer games.
Usually, there are perks for signing up like free entry into a race or a video swim analysis. I don't usually take advantage of the perks for one reason or another.

Noticing my beard is getting gray in the picture above.

It is always an experience volunteering for these events. But is is almost always rewarding, meeting new people and talking about triathlon training.

Mostly, finding out if I'm doing things wrong. For instance, always riding in the big gear! Well, except for hills that is. Interestingly, the consensus was about 50/50. 

Today's event was a double soccer game. One match was Panama vs. Mexico. I didn't hear what the other match was. All I know is we ended up having two half times and the kegs were acting up so pouring the beer became tricky at one point. 

It was a long day with a lot of moving, lifting and sweating. I kept thinking, I might try to workout when I get done. We got there at 10:00 am and finished at 8:30 pm. 


My coach surprised me this morning asking me when I would be doing the 70 mile ride I originally had scheduled for last yesterday, (Saturday.) His way of kicking me in the butt. Originally, I was going to ride tomorrow, however I have work to do and it will be at least 12 hours. Which doesn't leave much room for a five hour ride. 

I have received several notes from people concerned about my difficulties lately with missing workouts. I am flattered that people care. Rest assured that I am getting back on track and starting Tuesday, I will be going full steam again.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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