Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 152 - This One Is So Short You Shouldn't Read It!

July 8, 2013         235 lbs

Today was officially a rest day. However, I didn't end up resting much as usual.

Tomorrow I am riding 70 miles as part of the "You didn't do it last Saturday, your not getting out of it Buster." thing I have going on with my coach this week.

Look's like at current pace average of 14.1 miles per hour, I will be in the saddle for about five hours and ten minutes. That is a lot of sore butt time. I am hoping to increase my pace enough to shorten it.

My route will take me from the Arcadia Golf Course to Santa Fe Dam, on top of the dam to the end and then I'll turn around and head south on the San Gabriel River Trail to Long Beach. Then I will reverse again and head back up the river trail, except at the dam, I will turn left and avoid the ride on top. Should be an interesting trip. Well, until tomorrow my friends.

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