Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 155 - A Brief Discription of A Long Day

July 11, 2013       236.8 lbs

Did a bunch of running around today. Car is still in the shop. Apparently two hoses from the fuel pump needed to be replaced. And for some reason these magical hoses cost $250.00! Darn it!
Anyhow, I'm getting the car back tomorrow. The good thing is I know the mechanic gave me the best price so taking the car anywhere else would have cost much more.
My workout for today was a one and a half hour easy spin. Easy.
At one point, I went by my old Brazilian jiu jitsu school Force/Balance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Yoga, so The Boss could say goodbye to the outgoing yoga instructor. I saw my buddies Ronnie Castro and Herbert Cruz briefly.

I also stopped by Kevin Tran's restaurant, Vinh Loi Tofu for dinner. Kevin was on vacation and I haven't seen him for awhile so it was good to catch up. As usual, the place was packed.

I'm pretty exhausted and going to hit the sack early for a change. Tomorrows post will be longer.

If you are reading my daily blog and enjoy it or find my journey inspirational, please consider contributing to my GoFundMe campaign. The money will help offset the cost of my race entry, travel, food and lodging and maybe some equipment. Here is the link.

Thank you for considering it!

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