Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 156 - Skratch Labs, Trampolines and Real Swimming

July 12, 2013       ????

Today was a brick workout day, which is unusual for a Friday. I spent most of the day running errands again including picking up the car from Torrance.

There is a large Japanese and Asian community with tons of traditional places to eat. The Boss doesn't get to go down there often so I let her always choose.
On the way back, I stopped to get gas and saw this place! Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park. Mental note, must return and explore!

I got home and went to the pool to get the swim workout in. Very much an "easy" workout compared to most. 2500 yards = 400 swim - 200 kick - 400 pull - 150 kick - 400 swim - 100 kick - 400 pull - 50 kick - 400 swim.

A lot of kicking in this one. I forgot to bring the underwater camera so the only pics I got were deck shots.

I also continued testing the new SportSafe markers they sent me to review. So far, so good.

Even though there were some people to swim around, it was a good workout. Breathing was good, high elbow and pull all good. I swam specifically minimizing the turns so I was going as non stop as possible.

I was also to run for an hour and fifteen minutes  run with the last twenty minutes in Z2. I have had a little left knee issue since my run the other night. Nothing serious but I felt I needed to rest it before tomorrow.

What a sunset!

Tomorrow, I'm doing the long ride of 70 miles I did not accomplish last weekend. Sadly, I ran out of Skratch Labs Hydration Mix during the week. Luckily, they had sent me some free individuals with my last order.

So I have something for the long ride. Until tomorrow my friends.

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