Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 160 - A Quick Bike Around and the Pitter Patter of Heavy Feet.

July 16, 2013            239 lbs

Today I did a mini brick, riding and running. I rode for one hour and fifteen minutes with the last thirty minutes in Z3.

I started later than usual but because it was only an hour and a half workout, I knew I had plenty of time before sunset.

My plan was simple; to go as far as I could to the halfway point, then turn around and come back. See? Simple!

As soon as I began riding, my legs were tired. I was thinking, "Oh man. How am I going to make it through this ride if I have to do Z3 for the last thirty and I'm struggling already?"

But as I rode on, I was able to concentrate on my pedaling and reminded myself to push through the pain. I was reminded of a quote I read in Born to Run by Christpher McDougall;

“Make friends with pain, and you will never be alone."~Ken Chlouber, Founder of Leadville 100 mile race.

I was not going 100 miles yet, but boy were my legs tired! Also, there was a strong headwind that required a bit of extra effort. I kept eyeing my watch to see when the halfway point was and I realized that I was far enough on the trail that I might as well just loop around, past the dam. That had to be some kind of record! I made a mental note to check Strava when I got home.

As I rode around I kept thinking, "Man, I hope I don't bonk before the run!" I ended up getting nine personal records this ride. I thought it felt faster.

I got back to the parking lot of the Arcadia Golf Course and did a T2 transition, changing my biking shoes for my Merrell running shoes and my helmet for my hat and putting the bike in the car.

This was a short, "Find your running legs off the bike" run. Nothing too crazy. I didn't find them until about halfway through this twenty minute run though. And though I felt like I was moving slowly, I was actually running at a good pace for me.

I finished up feeling good and light on my feet thinking about some of the longer runs I have lined up for the week. Including a long run of two hours on Sunday and another long ride on Saturday of five hours. The two hour run will be the first time I have run that long ever. Should be interesting. Until tomorrow my friends.

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