Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 161 - Pool Saturation and Revisiting the Fall

July 17, 2013      236.2 lbs

What a day. Spent looking for work and hoping for the best. Things are getting tight. As a result some very big changes may be happening soon. My story may truly become about starting over from the bottom up. We will see.

Today, I had a brick workout of swimming and running.  Didn't turn out too well but I made the best of it. As my coach Chris Hauth says, "It's not about doing all of it everyday. It's about doing something each day."

I got to the pool a bit later than I would like, but still had plenty of time for my 3500 yard swim. The workout was:

400 swim - 200 kick - 200 pull
3x (2x125 aerobic + 75 really fast) - 15 sec rest after each 125
then 600 pull
3x(2x100 FAST + 50 ez ez ez) - 10 sec rest after each 100
400 pull

I put my ear plugs in, swim cap on and goggles. I took a single step into the water and it happened. A very large contingent of 13 year olds, very squealy, and very loud, doggie paddling human buoys suddenly appeared in the water. The saturation point was too much to slalom through.

The picture doesn't do it justice. I tried a few lengths but they seemed to purposely try to paddle in front of me giving a quick "sorry" each time. It seemed that once one said it, they all started to repeat it in some kind of maddening cacophony that was on endless repeat. For some reason I thought of the little green aliens from Toy Story 2.

I made a desperate effort to get to the deep end where I surveyed the chaos. Right, this wasn't happening. What can I do instead? I know, Sinking Drills! So I did sinking drills. The thing is, I'm getting better at my exhale so the drills were not difficult as I easily exhaled strongly and sunk fast. The way to really tell how much progress you are making is whether you feel panicky while on the bottom. You should feel relaxed. I cannot recommend them more for people who feel like they are not getting enough air during freestyle.
I realized I was spinning my wheels, so I bailed for home.

In an effort to try to drain the puppy of some energy, The Boss and I decided to try to bike with her around the neighborhood. I rode my inexpensive mountain bike. The puppy did great, even pulling me along for most of it. Yes, she pulled me! And I'm talking about some hills no less. After the first loop, my front tire suddenly depressurized. I just had new inner tubes put in right before I got my Felt road bike. I never even rode it! The funniest thing is, they were supposed to be puncture resistant. . .

I was pressed for time and couldn't do the full sixty-five minute easy run, so I did what I could, which ended up being thirty five minutes.

A nice and easy, light step pace run. I can feel the extra weight I have gained and lost as I endlessly yo-yo affecting my running. Obviously, it feels better to run, the lighter you are. The running experience of someone that is 130 lbs is nowhere even close to what it is for the 230 lb person. Of course everything is relative isn't it? I hear it all the time from people that are half my weight dropping challenges and acting like it is all the same. It isn't. To me, it is like the kid that gets into the pool at the end of my hour and a half hard swim wanting to race. It means nothing. End of chat!

I headed out from my neighborhood starting with my usual quick walking for five minutes warm up, followed immediately with easy running. The route had me running uphill at the very beginning. Not very much but enough to make me wonder when or if I will ever feel good at the start of a run instead of only after my legs have warmed up.

 Look at this! It is the sidewalk that I tripped on the other night. No wonder!

 I quickly reached the turnaround point and headed back. At one point, I looked up and saw this.

                                     Somewhat poignant at this particular junction in my life.

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

That is it for now. Until tomorrow my friends.

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