Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 162 - Friendly Patrons and Easy Spinning

July  18, 2013        237 lbs
First let me say thank you to John Villanueva for contributing to my GoFundMe campaign. Thanks John, your contribution is coming at a pivotal time. 

Today I had an hour and a half easy spin ride. No intervals or hills or anything, just easy spinning.

The Boss and I ran around taking care of errands and I had a bit of work. Later, we decided to try to see Red 2.

We picked a showing at a theater we thought would be less crowded.

Look's like we picked wisely. As for the movie, well, honestly I liked the first more.

Tomorrow I have a pretty heavy brick workout with 3800 yards of swimming and an hour and ten minute run. Until tomorrow my friends.

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