Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 163 - Tossing a Big Salad and Urine Saturation Point

July 19, 2013        236.8 lbs

I get asked often, in private messages, for examples of what I eat. I have mentioned before about my morning smoothy. Here is an example of my lunch. A romaine and spinach salad with raw broccoli, raw mushrooms, shaved carrot, mini tomato's and organic non gmo sprouted tofu with balsamic dressing. I don't eat a lot of tofu believe it or not, but today I felt like eating some.  Recent research showing how good broccoli is at detoxifying the body has inspired me to eat it more often.

Today I had a brick but I could only swim. The workout was:

3800 yards =

400 choice
400 pull + 4x100 with 10 sec rest FAST effort
300 swim + 4x100 with 10 sec rest - same speed/effort/times as previous 4x100
200 kick + 4x100 same speed/effort still
100 catch up + 4x100 same speed effort still!
800 swim - steady long and find a groove

The weather was great when I got to the pool and no one was there. Of course as soon as I got into the water, three morbidly obese teenagers stopped by to do a series of cannonballs!

This was a very long workout.

To be honest, my head wasn't really in it at the beginning. There is some stuff happening behind the scenes right now that is weighing heavy on my mind.
As usual, the longer I swam the more I got into it. It feels like I am pulling harder at the end of my swim workouts now.

The morbidly obese, cannonball crew made the water a little choppy but I look at it as "open water" training!
There was something else going on that was a little strange. As soon as I got into the water, my skin started to burn a little. Especially my face. The water also felt oily! After a while of swimming I decided that it was excessive urine that was making my skin burn and the oiliness was from all the sunscreen.

That's all for now. I have to work tomorrow so no long ride. Until tomorrow my friends.

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