Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 166 - Evil Kevin and Not Enough Body Glide.

July 22, 2013       237.6 lbs

Rest day. My evil friend Kevin Tran was posting pictures of his food on Facebook all day which had the exact desired affect of making The Boss want to eat at his restaurant again! As well as many other friends.

So we headed over and once again I got insulted and then ignored by Kevin. I brought up the Cervélo debate from Saturday but he just pretended not to hear me.

Here is another example of what I eat. This is the curry Pad Thai, one of my favorite dishes.

Kevin asked me to take this picture for him and then he yelled at me for not taking a good enough picture! If your ever in Reseda, CA, even if you are a carnivore, stop by his restaurant. You will enjoy it.

I decided to try some new sunglasses, what do you think?
Last thing, even after liberal use of the Body Glide yesterday for the two hour run, I apparently missed a spot.

Doesn't look like much but remember this; ALL CHAFING SUCKS!!!

Until tomorrow my friends.

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