Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 168 - Little Tokyo, Pacific Rim and Running

July 24, 2013           239.2 lbs

Today I had an easy fifty minute, recovery week run.

But before that, The Boss and I went to Little Tokyo in downtown L.A.. We stopped by Weller Court were there is a bunch of restaurants and a very cool book store.

Vegetable curry from Curry House! 

Since The Boss and I have been married, we have seen a huge jump in the acceptance and implementation of vegetarian and vegan options at Japanese restaurants. Something that The Boss frankly, never thought would happen.

We pass a lot of open doors in life. How often do we step through?

 We then went to see Pacific Rim. I enjoyed it for what it was. I grew up watching reruns of Ultraman and Johnny Socko's Flying Robot, so it was kind of nice to revisit the fantasy of the giant robot/monster universe.

Getting home after 11:00 pm, I quickly changed determined to get the workout in.

I'm really happy with how the runs feel lately.  .  .Um, what I mean is, I'm really happy with how I feel when I'm running. A quick fifty minutes. No sweat! After my long run last Sunday, I've been thinking a lot about my Zone 2 heart rate zone. And where I've actually been training is just shy of zone two proper. So I changed my Gatmin watch display to only show heart rate zone and nothing else.
I ran on the main road near my house. If there were hills, I just slowed slightly while I ascended. Overall, I attempted to keep my heart rate at 2.5 percent. At one point, on the way home, I heard a sound and looked over to see the three deer running with me from inside the Woodbury University campus.

I know the picture sucks but it's all I have. You can barely make out the three whitetail.

The security guard at the Woodbury entrance was just standing outside of his guard shack in stunned silence. Mouth hanging open in jaw dropped surprise. This is the fifth time they have run with me like this. I don't know why they do it but they do.

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